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My Experiences Up To Now As A Ylai Professional Fellow In Dallas, Texas

I am sitting in the offices of Matchfire Dallas writing this blog as I look through a wide frame glass panel window down on Jackson Street, adjacent to a green area where kids play in the mornings and people sit and take five minutes to rest at various points of the day. It’s 12:30pm and the sun is at the right point in the sky to give the city a certain glow. I just finished a particularly informative meeting, and I can’t help but feel extremely blessed.

Before I started writing, I took a few minutes to reflect, mentally trotting through the last 32 years and five months of my life that brought me here, and I am more excited about my life and my business—Point Global Marketing Limited (the company that I started just under five years ago)—than I have ever been. Why am I excited? I am excited because in many ways, my selection for the Young Leaders’ of Americas Professional Fellowship (YLAI) is validation for starting Point Global Marketing in the first place. And I am excited because it feels like as we approach our five-year mark as a company in February, that we are at the right place for growth and expansion and I am precisely where I am meant to be—in a city where the business community is so open and giving of advice and best practices. This openness is most evident in Matchfire assisting with plunging me into the business community and other agency leaders in Dallas.

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